Monday, May 12, 2014

Treasure the Moments of Mother’s Day with Designer duo Monica Rajeev Malik

God’s one of the most beautiful creation is a women and a women is the one who can create another life. The moment when a woman becomes a mother is the most special moment of her life.Some of the esteemed guests present at the event were choreographer Liza Verma, Wedding Decor and Stylist Swati Pandya Sood, Designer Tanya Ahuja, Tarot card reader Poonam Sethi, NGO Activist Sona Goyal to name a few. 

On the occasion of Mother’s day Designer duo Monica Rajeev Malik hosted a soiree over lunch at B Bar, Select City Walk. To celebrate the feeling of motherhood and to make the day special for all the proud mothers who have raised their kids with their soul and values.

Once someone asked God why we call for our Mother when we are hurt or in pain. God smiled and said because I can’t be with you all the time to protect you, so I created angels on earth as Mother.
“I’m a proud mother of two and I realised that being a mother is the most special feeling of her life “Says Monica Malik.