Friday, May 2, 2014

Tarot Card Reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya- May 2014

Dr. Madhu Kotiya


4 of cups, Emperor, 4 of Pentacles
You have been busy thinking and feeding your emotional self since long. This is the time you need to stop sitting and not taking interest in your work and career. If you won't wake up, you will miss the train and people will go ahead of you. Thinking logical is the key to success for you this month, only logics are going to work as per your career is concerned. Study and research thoroughly before beginning any new project or job. Your careless may lead you towards losses. You may indulge into overspending in shopping and spending time out, watch out your expenses and try to control them. Any investment is not suggestible this month, hold onto big spending, they may not sound important once this month is over. You have been holding onto your feelings for someone very important in your life, it is the right time to express how you feel about your partner; your expression will bring rejuvenation in your relationship.

 King of cups, Page of swords, 6 of swords
You are quite a good leader when it comes to managing your team and getting good results out of them. This time you need to be careful as your being soft natured can create issues as some of your team members will try to take advantage of you and may put you in the difficulty. Keep a track of time when it comes to fulfilling your targets as there are chances of delays in result for you this month. Going fast in relationships is not a good idea for you, try to understand the other side also, compromising sometimes is good if you are serious about your partner. You may feel like walking away from the difficulties you are facing but you need to understand this is not right to run away from situation, if you will try hard, you can solve it and live with it happily. The energies towards your health are not very good this month; you need to be cautious and careful on your diet and resting schedule. Do not avoid visiting a doctor if you are feeling weak or uncomfortable.

Ace of pentacles, 7 of wands, 9 of cups

This month will bring new opportunities for you, whether you are in job or business. If you are thinking about venturing something new, this is the best time to begin. There can be profits and financial gains on your way. You need to be careful about your competitors around; they might create big challenges for you. You have been always strong and knowledgeable on whatever you do, your knowledge is going to be the key of your success. Your family and friends means a lot to you and your feelings for them are very important for you, this is the best time to express them how you feel and you will see a great reciprocation from your people this month. You may like to have some get together or a small celebration with your friends and family. There can be good news related to your family which will bring lot of happiness and peace for you. It will be good to take out some time for yourself and meditate for self realization.

Strength, Page of wands, 2 of swords
Ups and downs are part of life and soon we accept it better the life become. Things may not be falling the way you have planned or wanted but this is not the end, it’s just the phase which will be over soon and you will again see positive things happening around. Your will power is the key to your difficult situation, don’t give up and the success will certainly find you. If you have thinking to upgrade your skills, this is the best time to decide and go ahead; any enhancement in your curriculum will bring heights for you this month. You may feel low on your health and might decide to go on rest for some days, listening to your body and acting is always good so this month take rest and try avoiding eating food outside and being awake till late nights, it can create health problems for you. Living with a problem without solving it is not a good idea, if you are upset about something you need to tell this to your partner else it will never get solved so speak it out and bring peace.


9 of Pentacles, Wheel of fortune, 2 of cups
This month will bring happiness from all aspects of life. The marriage and soul mate energies are around you. If you have been thinking about marriage, you may decide it now. You may also get into a long term committed relationship with your soul mate which will bring a lot of love and happiness in your life. There are good changes coming to your way as per your career are concerned, you may switch a job for better or you may get into a new role or project of your choice. Happiness energies are around you, you will feel like spending more time with your friends and family. Going on a weekend holiday will be a good idea. Buy some gifts for children in your home, it will bring good omen to your family. If you are facing issues with your best friend, your friend might approach you to solve it and make things the way they were. You health will remain perfect so you can venture out on trying some new cuisines this month.

Moon, 5 of swords, Ace of wands
This is a month for you to realize that good health is the most important thing for you. You have been taking things lightly since long and now this is the high time. Do whatever you can do to make your health better and learn the ways to maintain it in this way before it gets late for you. There can be active competition at your workplace which will make you rush into things to prove yourself, rushing is good but only after a good plan of every step, keep this in your mind when you are rushing to complete your jobs. There can be a new job opportunity coming your way this month, research well before you take a decision to switch. Support from your parents and family members will make you feel strong enough to handle all the hurdles coming your way this month. Stay positive, the sun always comes after the dark night.

Fool, Four of wands, Empress
Being serious in every matter has become your habit; you need to bring a change to it. For a change, start taking things a little lightly and go with the flow. Things will happen at their own pace and time. New relationship is on the cards for you, if you are looking for a partner for marriage, you may meet the same this month or you may end up fixing the marriage date. There will be some celebration at home or may be at your work place related to you. This month will bring lot of good opportunities for you which will lead you towards a comfortable and successful life. It will be good idea for you to spend some good time with your parents, especially mother. It is also suggestible for you to do some charity for old people.

Tower, Temperance, 10 of Cups

Your family and your own people are most concerning right now for you and you have been spending too much of your time at home. This is the time to wake up and go out, your job or career needs you more. There can be some loss in your work place which needs your urgent attention. This is a time for you to learn how to create balance between your personal and professional life. You need to prioritize things for you before jump into acting which may cause a mess if you try to do many things at one time. Your health should also be your concern this month and should not be overlooked to avoid low energy and other health issues. It will be a good idea for you to chant OM for some time everyday in the morning; it will bring peace to your life.

Death, Sun, World
Difficult times are getting over for you this month. You will see many doors opening and many good things happening in your life. There can be some new opportunities on your way. Some stagnated things which were created quite a tension to you will start moving on for the better results and success will follow you where ever you go. You may find some things reaching to completion but not giving the same result as you expected but then they will surely open more ways for you, so learn to be contented in whatever you have rather than cribbing for something which could not happen. It will be a good idea to go for a weekend holiday with your family; this will help you to balance your energies as you are going to have very hectic work at your office.

High priestess, hermit, 10 of pentacles

You need to listen to your inner self this month rather than listening to the people around you. You own sub conscious mind knows what is right for you and your guide is within you. It will be a good idea to sit in a silent place and try to listen to your inner voice. There will be ample flow of money for you this month so you can plan to take a long off from work to start working on yourself. Joining some yoga class will also be helpful and rejuvenating for you. You may feel alone at home as you will find your family members very busy with their own lives and this may make you feel sad, but this is just a phase and will get over soon. Things will become better than before, at home for you with time. It will be good for you to work in your family business rather than separating and venturing out on something new. This is not a good time for you to start anything new or do any big investment.

6 of Pentacles, 10 of wands, Devil
You have been helping others and also doing charity outside quite a bit, this is a time to think before spending for you. You may like to minimize the financial help you have been giving to your friends and near ones. You may feel overburdened with the work pressure given to you at your work place, it will be a good idea to give some of your work to your juniors and colleagues, they will be happy to help you, it just required to ask for help. There are chances that you get indulge into over smoking or drinking too much , avoid such things as they will increase your problems by making your health worst, try some meditation to calm down your mind.

9 of swords, 5 of wands, 4 of swords

You have been thinking too much and creating problem just in your mind, come out of this illusion and you will see the reality is better than what you have been thinking. People around you may try to compete with you and try to prove you less but your capabilities and creativity is quite ahead of them and they won’t be able to touch you. It’s important for you to avoid over thinking about things which are not in your control as this will make things worse for you. Stay positive, the wheel is moving and it will certainly reach to a state of happiness and success for you in some time. Discussion is good in relationships till they don’t become argument; try to avoid argument with your partner to keep the relationship peaceful.