Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zoya reminisces Spain with its limited edition collection Espana in Grandeur

ZOYA hosted a grand evening ‘Espana’ , with flamenco , Spanish guitar and Sangria, where the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata unveiled its exquisite limited edition collection inspired by Spain , its rich culture and metaphor ‘Espana’ . The collection was unveiled by the Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Gustavo de Aristegui, followed by a grand evening hosted by Luxury consultant, Ms. Nisha JamVwal. The Spanish Ambassador, his lovely wife Nadia, Senior Business Manager ZOYA Arif Padiath, Celebrity consultant  Nisha JamVwal uncorked champagne to toast the evening , Zoya and Spain.

Zoya showcased the Espana collection before the crème de la crème of the social circuit. Amitabh Kant CEO & Managing Director MICDC with his wife Ranjeeta , Ambassador of Switzerland His Excellency Linus Von Castelmur with his wife Madame Françoise Gardies, Ambassador of Denmark Freddy Suvane and his lovely wife Lise , Suhasini Haider, CEO J Curve Bharat Joshi, CEO Atul Pandey, The event witnessed the presence of Delhi’s elite social circuit and who’s who of the capital. At the special evening, guests witnessed a spectacular fashion walk inspired by Spanish influences. They also enjoyed the exquisite Spanish guitar performance by Li Thu, the power packed Flamenco dance and Paso Doble dance by the group ‘Zenith’.

 The collection is a fitting tribute to Zoya’s thirst for discovery and creativity. It takes inspiration from the ancient citadels, hand painted tiles, brilliant red roses, majestic toreros and uninhibited passion of carnival revelers.  All these inspirations are forever captured as glittering reminders of a vivacious and passionate cultures amalgamated with expert craftsmanship that immortalizes them in fine design of gold, diamond and precious stones. This limited edition line comprises of distinct products, an exotic rose with champagne and white diamond petals, rubies and diamond earrings inspired by the breathtaking architecture of Spain and the sensual movements of the flamenco dancers. The collection is a blissful celebration of life.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Arif Saleem Padiath-Senior Business Manager- Zoya, said “With Espana, Zoya adds another unforgettable creation to its gamut of art and I am extremely overwhelmed and thankful to Mr. Gustavo de Aristegu for unveiling the Espana collection.  His presence is immeasurable. We are positive that our customers would admire the exquisite pieces and would love wearing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

“Zoya has always been special to me and associating with this exquisite luxury brand is a magnificent journey. This distinguished collection is a milestone for the brand Zoya is not merely a jewellery store but a dazzling gallery of fine art, where indulgence comes alive in fine designs of gold, diamonds and precious stones.  Creating a new setting, form and design for diamonds, Zoya has contemporary famed and iconographic design sensibility, interpreting it traditionally and fashionably. ” added Nisha JamVwal, Luxury Consultant, Zoya, looking stunning in a pink designer ensemble, as she played host and MC on stage.

Ms. Saba Ali, India representative of Fondazione Altagamna, Italian luxury foundation based out of Milan added, "It's truly heartening to see Zoya evolve steadily on the strength of excellence in design, which along with the uncompromising high standards of the Tata Group, would be the core strength of this brand in garnering larger market share, within India as well as globally whenever they decide to take that leap of faith! Historically all global luxury brands which emanate mostly from Europe, have always given distinctive design excellence the predominant role in strengthening their brands to penetrate new markets. Today the luxury sector accounts for 10% of all European exports amounting to billions if Euros."