Monday, March 24, 2014

Project Runway Designers To Show Collections At Austin Fashion Week

Austin Fashion Week is all set to present  Designer All Stars, a night of runway shows featuring six talented designers who have appeared on Lifetime’s hit TV show Project Runway.  Korto Momolu  (Project Runway Season 5 – Runner Up, Project Runway  All Stars Season 3 – Runner Up),  Melissa Fleis  (Project Runway™ Season 10 – Finalist, Project Runway All Stars Season 3),  Mychael Knight  (Project Runway Season 3 – Finalist, Project Runway All Stars Season 3),  Michelle Lesniak  (Project Runway Season 11 – Winner),  Jeffrey Sebelia  (Project Runway Season 3 Winner, Project Runway All Stars Season 3), and hometown darling  Daniel Esquivel  (Project Runway Season 11 – Finalist, Project Runway All Stars Season 3) will show their newest collections at the iconic Austin Music Hall.

Korto Momolu will present a military-inspired Fall/Winter 2014 collection. While Momolu is often recognized for her bold prints and colors, this season will show a muted palette that emulates strength with commanding garments including chunky sweaters and non-traditional outerwear.

Also showing Fall/Winter 2014, Melissa Fleis debuts “Defiant” at Austin Fashion Week. Juxtaposing soft silks and wools with harder materials like leather, metal and denim, the collection allows for interchangeability from day to night for the woman with a modern edge and sporty practicality.

With an intention to elevate the everyday, fan favorite Mychael Knight will show “Ladies Who Lunch” Fall 2014. Working with a neutral color palette infused with youthful pops of color, Knight turns traditionally demure styles on their head with body-con silhouettes, materials and cutouts.

Season 11 winner Michelle Lesniak pushes her own design boundaries by utilizing new materials and colors in her “Girl Incarnadine” Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Inspired by a venerable, yet toxic woman that is reminiscent of a jellyfish, Lesniak’s work reveals fragility beneath a warrior-like external shell.

Jeffrey  Sebelia  will showcase his new,  kids’ line called La Miniatura.  Fueled by art and music,  his collection reinterprets late 70's to early 80's post-punk styles for boys and girls. Playful colors, mischievous prints and lighthearted suits, Sebelia aims to dress children with a discernible sense of style ages 2-14.

After coming across a photo of a dilapidated amusement park, Austinite Daniel Esquivel began creating his new collection to debut at Austin Fashion Week. This is Esquivel’s second time to show at AFW, and fans can find his designs at local boutique Estilo.