Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Women’s Day celebrated at Lakmé Fashion Week Fittings

International Women’s Day was celebrated in full swing at the Lakmé Fashion Week Day 2 Fittings. The LFW team saluted the women in fashion and entertained everyone present with a unique live musical jam called The Drum Circle.

With the hustle and bustle of fittings going on and the ladies on their toes making through tight schedules, the session helped relax the atmosphere. It infused an element of fun and frolic into the tiring and mundane day thus maintaining the glamorous and vibrant essence of Lakmé Fashion Week.

Drum Circle, a recently introduced concept of Music Therapy aims to bond the body, mind and soul. It is a joyful celebration of rhythm, which is an extremely effective form of Music Therapy. Through the one hour session, the models, designers and others present relieved their stress, felt connected, rejuvenated and energized by playing musical instruments like Djembe’s, Lejhims, Tambourines, Shakers, Frame Drums and claps!

Arthur Fernandes, a psychologist, Arts based therapist, Drum Circle facilitator and Founder of Music Matters made the day interesting for the women and men alike. He said, “Music being a universal language, its a liberating mode of communication. Drums stimulate immune functioning, physical activity, and mind-body awareness.  This healing approach has created a powerful aura energizing everyone gearing up for the upcoming LFW”

All in all, the ladies were very pleased and entertained at the LFW SR 2014 Day 2 fittings session!