Friday, March 14, 2014

Designer Urvashi Joneja stuns everyone with her ‘Unchained’ collection Lakme Fashion Week

Very talented designer Urvashi Joneja who made her debut at Lakme Fashion week, 2014 on 13th March mesmerized everyone around, with her “UNCHAINED” Collection.

The SR2014 collection “Unchained” stemed from the sudden urge for freedom brought about by restrictions and rules. In nature and in psychology, the more we are told to confine, the more the human mind goes beyond limitations. In particular, the collection draws its inspiration from the extreme and prohibitive societal and cultural practices that have defined beauty, such as the “Lotus feet” (Chinese foot binding). Form draping, deconstruction and creative pattern making are key components that have lent to the silhouettes of this collection. Yards of fabric have been twisted precariously to make cord that has been used as an embellishment, while unique textures and leather cutwork also add to the detailing on the garments. The result is a look that is modern and unrestricted.

The designer stuck to a monochrome palette broken by pops of colours such as chalk purple and muted orange.

Delicate and lightly structured forms took to the ramp as the range showcased versatile silhouettes from asymmetric to flowing in soft, comfortable fabrics such as organza and crepé.

The collection comprised separates as well as paired pieces like dresses, tunics, gowns, trousers, skirts, cover-ups, shrugs and pants.

Embellishments were kept simple yet complex with rope and chord work, which flattered any woman’s form.

Two pieces which stood out in particular were a white rope top that showed off the designer’s keen craftsmanship and a unique pair of shorts which extended into sheer pants.

Inspired by the intricacies of nature from flowers to tree barks, each piece was graced with a stylized element infused with geometric patterns that made for a unique balance.

Commenting on the same she said “I was so nervous, as it was my debut and I just wanted to go perfect. I am overwhelmed with the response I have been receiving after my show.. It truly makes me contended & satisfied. Moreover, I have had really work hard on my collection and I am happy they way it went. I am definitely looking forward to much more seasons of LFW, as it’s a great platform for new comers like me.”

Sophisticated and stylish, Urvashi Joneja’s collection with its city-chic edge is sure to fly off the racks.

Present for Urvashi’s show was,Television & Movie actress ‘Supriya Pathak.’