Saturday, March 8, 2014

“Aura 'n' Array of Colors” art gallery opens in Capital

Life is a vast array of colors that present an aura of emotions expressed in various artistic forms, but it is only imagination and innovation that drives artists to present this in ways that often perplex the common viewer.

And when artists with different ways of looking at their environs come together, the result will be something that will be pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the soul.

The Shree Yash Art Gallery is presenting an “Aura ‘n’ Array of Colors” at the Epicentre in Sector 44 Gurgaon from 7 to 9 March. The exhibition was inaugurated at 6 pm on 7th March by the former Member of Parliament, Mr Ram Das Agrawal, who is founder President of International Vaish Federation, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries.

The exhibition is a group show of established and upcoming artists, exhibiting a harmonious blend of contemporary and modern styles of paintings. The foray has canvases with an array of colors and an aura of various artworks combined with emotions expressing each artist's mindset and a certain theme that he or she wants to share with the discerning viewer.

Chief Guest Sh. Ram Das Agrawal Ji inaugurated the show by lighting the lamp and Said-“It is very good to see this level of talent. It is good if people get recognition, they feel happy and enthusiastic. In every field appreciation gives inspiration. India has always been rich in Art n Culture and also very famous all over the world for its art. I personally encourage everybody who is related to Art. Art is everywhere in Rock, Sand, and Walls and according to time the way or showing art changes but there is no limit to show the art. Art is a thing through which people express their thoughts, ideas. I wish success to everybody related to this Art Gallery and best wishes for the promotion of the culture and my warm wishes with Savita Agrawal ji for curating this group show-Aura n Array of Colors and bringing all the 13 prominent artists together from different parts of the country.”

Ms.Savita Agrawal Curator, Artists Founder Shreeyash Art Gallery on this occasion said- “To open an Art Gallery was my dream from years. My purpose to open an Art Gallery is to give a platform to the upcoming artists. Ranak Mann-Age 21, is the youngest of all the artists and V.S Rahi is the senior most and his paintings are 50 Years old. His paintings are the toughest as these are Washing Paintings and if you learn this technique then you learn the transparency of the Art. All the artists are from different parts of the country. I am into this profession from ages”

Each of the thirteen participating artists has a distinctive style of his own. While Dr. R C Bhawsar's landscapes have purity about them as if in conversation with the Super Power, Dr. S D Shrotriya coming from the high mountains to the moksha-pradayini Banaras ghats portrays a beautiful scenic story. V S Rahi, the veteran has his forceful lines do the talking in his work and Harish Kumar has such an awesome texture that builds up a lively, divine and serene atmosphere appealing to the eye.

Prithvi Soni's masterstrokes bring the North Indian women and the culture alive in his picture frame, while Manjit Singh's abstract and powerful lines make his literary characterisation very realistic and Mamta Singh’s works with colors keeping in mind the social causes. Bhawna Bhanot's blend of ink and acrylic create a spiritual atmosphere and Nand Thakur's powerful colors speak their own story, on the other hand Aarti Zaveri blends her theme with dexterity and gives an austere feel to the canvas. Ranak Mann, an artist traveler, connects with his work to the people, but Madan Lal’s use of colors creates a mystery of its own.

Mrs. Savita Agrawal with her wash paintings is a league apart, with her distinctive style and genre.

Thus, the aura of the show is the feel good factor of so many artists coming together under one roof with different concepts and mind-blowing stories and in a display of colors so unique and phenomenal on its own

Mrs. Savita Agrawal, is known for her wash paintings of Bengal tradition of emotions and forms. Her works show symmetry of the laws of form, curve and line, light and shade, movement and stillness. In her wash paintings one can see the vital structure of lines, surface and use of color.

Mrs. Agrawal is the curator and Director of the Shree Yash Art Gallery, which has a mission to "promote indian artworks and motivate upcoming artists". Situated at the prime hub in the capital - Green Park, New Delhi- the gallery has easy access for both the art lovers and the artists.

Shree Yash art Gallery plans to hold numerous exhibitions, seminars, art workshops and so on. The Gallery recently exhibited at the India Art Festival, Mumbai and won acclaim for its paintings.